When Joseph Nicéphore Niépce presented us with that first photographic image he created with an exposure of 8 hours, from the window of his workshop in Gras in 1826, he could not have guessed that photography could create environmental pollution at a whole other dimension today, where millions of images are produced per second. “Photo Recycling Photo” is discussed based on the following reason: To utilize things known as sweepings, scrapings, or crumbs; to evaluate and process these in a different perspective. Because, it is not possible to understand that the photographic image remains hidden in the albums after being consumed and then thrown away over time. On the assumption that everything that might come to our minds is photographed until now; we can consider the futility of producing new photographic images. The indifferent attitude of the photographer who aims to produce new images all the time, lumbers the artist with “Recycling” work. Clearly, if there is a large number of the same thing around, these should somehow be recycled.

February 1994, AHMET ÖNER GEZGİN

This paper is made of waste paper.