DARK ‘BLACK’ OBJECTS of an ERA, 2006, Mixed Media, 58.3×58.3cm (5 pieces)

01_ Protection for the Black Listed / ‘black siege list’ / ANKARA (Cumhuriyet Office) – At the group meeting held the previous day, CHP leader Deniz Baykal brought forward and explained the AKP staffing, which he described as “black staffing, [a] siege”, with an memo made up of the names included in the staffing. In the memo prepared by CHP, “illegal – unethical assignments” were listed as follows:

02_ Place illuminated by the light of the bulb / 9) “ We are coming gradually …”/“ They ask if Turkey will become Algeria. We are coming gradually, allowing you to digest. Allah willing!.. Now the nation aspires to change not only the actors, but also the scenario!.. These are our studies to change the scenario. This is the reason we are coming. We cannot be the protector of this order, this is not possible. Those who prepare this law, will be the pawn of the abolition of this order. “/ We will stand up… / “ The lights are in sight, if Allah allows, insurrection will begin…”

03_ A Spine-Chilling Document… / One of Erdoğan’s speeches was published on the first pages of the newspapers on August 21, 2001… / What Recep Tayyip said is interesting!.. Item by item, he says: 1) “ Of course secularism will be lost… ” / “They keep saying that secularism will be lost!.. Look here! Of course secularism will go away if this nation desires it!.. Then, what is this secularism for God’s sake?..”

  • The Burqa a woman wears as soon as she comes out of her own house, is actually the continuation of the place where she was closed in, as a matter of fact, it is that place itself. In other words, women are always behind a wall. On the street, the burqa represents that wall. In this case, is the woman wrapped in burqa really outside, when she goes outside?

Ege Young Businessmen / ‘We will resist hijab’ / Ege Young Businessmen Associations Federation President Dalan, stated that they do not want images improper for secular Turkey in Çankaya, “The mentality that used the issue of hijab as a political tool for years, now, wants to carry it up to Çankaya. EGİFED will be against this all the way.”

04_ Why has the Nobel Prize been awarded to Orhan Pamuk Instead of Yaşar Kemal? Circumstance / Nami Tepe: “Yaşar Kemal cannot receive the Nobel by saying, ‘we called guerrillas terrorists’ because insulting Turkishness is prerequisite for the award ”

05_ ‘A serious train accident’ / Membership of Turkey is a dream / Rome (AA)Jose Manuel Durao Barroso, President of the European Union Commission, who is making contacts in Rome, the capital of Italy, said that the EU membership of Turkey will be “ a long and difficult process ”.